Whitelist Mixpanel in uBlock Origin

Now that I work at Mixpanel, I've started to look at things like tracking and online privacy with a bit of a different eye. I think both are very important but begin to see shades of grey rather than something like it being binary, allow all or block all.

I run uBlock Origin in Chrome, and that very aggressively blocks ads and online tracking. I primarily do this because I don't want want to see ads, I want a faster online experience, and I want to be safer. However, it also prevents Mixpanel from working as intended.

Mixpanel allows companies to understand how users use their products to enable them to iterate more quickly. This data doesn't feel like tracking to me because it is only how a person uses their site; it doesn't do cross-site tracking. In reality, though, the site could collect this data by sending requests to their servers rather than Mixpanel's or by getting a partial understanding by logging in their infrastructure. As far as I know, both of these approaches cannot be effectively blocked, and I don't see a need to prevent it.

So, that leads to the point of this post. If you want to run uBlock Origin and allow sites, you use to leverage Mixpanel to make improvements and create a better product and user experience, add the following in uBlock Origin settings.

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